Helicopter GSE Tooling Parts Catalog

Helicopter GSE Tooling

Helicopter ground service equipment (GSE) tooling defines small equipment and tools required on ground to service a helicopter; this term also applies to equipment that is used in retrofitting and upgrades. Servicing predominantly encompasses inspection, overhaul, repair, replacement, and modification of an aircraft and its components in order to ensure compliance with type certificates and to ensure airworthiness. Common helicopter servicing includes repair and rebuild, major airframe component replacement (tail boom, stabilizers, fuselage), airframe structure repairs (canopy and cowlings), and aircraft overhaul. Helicopter maintenance also involves routine inspections and servicing, magneto inspections, main and tail rotor balancing, among other activities.

Similar to most aircraft maintenance protocol, helicopter maintenance encompasses an array of inspections based on the aircraft model or series. Scheduled inspections, turn-around inspections, flight hours scheduled inspections, flight cycle inspections, major inspections, and maintenance scheduled are inspections that a helicopter might be required to undergo. All helicopter manufacturers provide a list of approved GSE manufacturers based on aircraft model or series. Maintenance is highly regulated by the FAA, EASA, and similar governing bodies, who provide dedicated requirements to every aircraft.

Helicopter GSE tooling includes field maintenance kits, staking tools, tail rotor adjusting tool kits, rotor blade retention bolt removal/install kits, lock washers, rotor tension rotation levers, and others.

At ASAP Aviation Hub, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we provide helicopter GSE tooling from top manufacturers: Airbus, Boeing, Bell, Erickson, Honeywell, Safran,  and many more.

Part No Description RFQ
T-8819331000 engine stand RFQ
T-8819114000 engine stand RFQ
RBW7105G00231-3G engine lifting tool RFQ
RBW7105G00131-3G-EM engine mounts for engine transport RFQ
RBW7105G00131-3G-53 rear engine mount assembly RFQ
RBW7105G00131-3G-37 front engine mount assembly RFQ
RBW7105G00131-3G engine transport stand RFQ
RBW6505G00831-3G tail rotor gear box support trolley adapter RFQ
RBW6305G20831-3G sling, main gear box lifting RFQ
RBW6305G19833-3G main rotor gearbox build up trolley RFQ
RBW6205G21551-3G pad, right RFQ
RBW6205G15151-3G upper leg assembly RFQ
RBW6205G15051-3G connector pin RFQ
RBW6205G14831-3G lower leg assembly RFQ
RBW6205G14651-3G arm RFQ
RBW6205G14331-3G socket RFQ
RBW6205G14251-3G hinge block RFQ
RBW6205G14031-3G tilting stand assembly RFQ
RBW6205G11532-3G swashplate support stand RFQ
RBW6205G09132-3G trolley adapter, swashplate support RFQ
RBW6205G09031-3G main rotor head support - trolley adapter RFQ
RBW6205G06032-3G swashplate lifting sling RFQ
RBW6205G00632-3G sling, main rotor blade lift RFQ
RBW6005G00131-3G multi-purpose trolley RFQ
RBW5305G00332-3G sling, forward sliding cowling lifting RFQ
RBW5305G00232-3G-207 6 in. fixed caster w/brake RFQ
RBW5305G00232-3G-205 6 in. swivel caster w/brake RFQ
RBW5305G00232-3G tail boom transport trolley RFQ
RBW5305G00131-3G tail boom lifting sling & attachment RFQ
RBW1205G00831-3G upper deck platform RFQ
RBW109-3600-35-101-4 left rear motor mount assembly RFQ
RBW109-3600-35-101-4 right rear motor mount assembly RFQ
RBW109-3600-35-101-3 front mount weldment RFQ
RBW109-3600-35-101 engine stand RFQ
RBW109-3600-34-101 tool assembly, engine hoisting RFQ
RBW109-3600-30-101 tool assembly, engine lifting RFQ
RBW109-3400-04-1 LP transmission stand RFQ
RBW109-3400-01-127 main transmission lifting RFQ
RBW10009 tow bar aw169 (flir) RFQ
RBW10002 small blade rack RFQ
RBW10001 large blade rack RFQ
RBW0905G12631-3G-29 pivot lock bolt nut RFQ
RBW0905G12631-3G-17 bushing RFQ
RBW0905G12631-3G-14 bushing RFQ
RBW0905G12631-3G-01 pivot lock bolt RFQ
RBW0905G12631-3G safety joint assembly RFQ
RBW0905G12351-3G pivot shear bolt RFQ
RBW0905G10331-3G-139 cable assembly RFQ
RBW0905G10331-3G-121 caster wheel RFQ
RBW0905G10331-3G tow bar, flir installed RFQ
RBW0905G01652-3G tongue shear bolt RFQ
RBW0905G00134-3G-03- threaded rod RFQ
RBW0905G00134-3G-03- frame weldment RFQ
RBW0905G00134-3G-03- tie rod pivot RFQ
RBW0905G00134-3G-01- spring RFQ
RBW0905G00134-3G-01- front collar RFQ
RBW0905G00134-3G-01- spring front stop RFQ
RBW0905G00134-3G-01- guide weldment RFQ
RBW0905G00134-3G-01- slide pin RFQ
RBW0905G00134-3G-01 tow dolly tongue assembly RFQ
RBW0905G00134-3G aw139 tow dolly assembly RFQ
RBW0705G00131-3G aircraft & main rotor lifting sling parts RFQ
RBT400224 clevis assembly RFQ
RBT18701 drip pan for rr engine stand RFQ
RBT18700C engine stand lts101 adapter (2 per set) RFQ
RBT18700A engine stand c47 adapter (2 per set) RFQ
RBT18700-27 handle ends RFQ
RBT18700-17 bolt RFQ
RBT18700-15 handle RFQ
RBT18700-11 engine stand, brake RFQ
RBT18522 main rotor portable head stand RFQ
RBEM721V1001101 engine sling RFQ
RBEM721U7107104 engine moving device RFQ
RBEM711V1000101 cowling sling RFQ
RBEM652V1000101 tgb sling RFQ
RBEM632V3001102 main gear box bar replacement set RFQ
RBEM632V1005102 main gear box support stand RFQ
RBEM632V1004102 input module sling RFQ
RBEM632V1003102 accessory module sling RFQ
RBEM632V1001101 main gear box sling RFQ
RBEM625V1000102 main gear box/main rotor mast sling RFQ
RBEM623U1002102 swashplate sling RFQ
RBEM622V1014101 top fairing sling RFQ
RBEM622U1102102 main rotor head support RFQ
RBEM622U1005103 main rotor head sling RFQ
RBEM621V1006101 main rotor blade sling RFQ
RBEM262V3000101 extinguishing bottle support RFQ
RBEM259V1000102 rescue hoist sling RFQ
RBEA92-1100-00 main rotor blade tie down set RFQ
RBE350A93-5400-00 arriel engine mount RFQ
RBE350A91-3300-00 tool, base tailrotor gear box RFQ
RBE350A91-3105-02 sling, main rotor hub RFQ
RBE350A91-2381-01 tail boom support RFQ
RBE1X56-136-241 work stand RFQ
RBE117W3 main rotorhead removal/installation hoist RFQ
RBE117-45021W40 engine sling RFQ
RBE117-30001W3 hoisting sling RFQ
RBD412-729-041 ground handling wheels fits lh or rh (hydraulic) RFQ
RBD412-729-011 ground handling wheel kit (hydraulic) RFQ
RBD206-731-042 ground handling wheels fits rh (mechanical) RFQ
RBD206-731-041 ground handling wheels fits lh (mechanical) RFQ
RBD206-731-011 ground handling wheel kit (mechanical) RFQ
RBD044-733-041 r44 ground handling wheel fits lh or rh (mechanical) RFQ
RBD044-733-011 r44 ground handling wheel kit (mechanical) RFQ
RBD022-734-041 r22 ground handling wheel fits lh or rh (mechanical) RFQ
RBD022-734-011 r22 ground handling wheel kit (mechanical) RFQ
RB6795579-LTS101 engine stand mounts RFQ
RB072610-H-E md 600, 900 skidtube attachment RFQ
RB072610-H-C bell oh-58, md 500 skidtube attachment RFQ
RB072610-H-B bell 206l,407 skidtube attachment RFQ
RB072610-H-A as350 / as355 & ec120 skidtube attachment RFQ
RB072610-H-00 ground handling wheels, universal (hydraulic) RFQ
RB T102031 main rotor hub pedestal assembly RFQ
RB T102012 support dolly RFQ
RB T101808-151 ball lock pin RFQ
RB T101808-103 pivot assembly RFQ
RB T101808-101 tow bar RFQ
RB T101753-101 combining gearbox assembly & transport stand RFQ
RB T101626 sling assembly tool RFQ
RB T101612 build up transmission stand RFQ
RB T100220-1 sling assembly RFQ
RB SWE13833 sling RFQ
RB SWE13832-11 engine adapter stand (23 lbs) RFQ
RB PWC64211 engine hoist RFQ
RB 8819116000 engine stand RFQ
OHSS-S76 s-76 blade sock RFQ
OHSS-76700-20136-041 s-76 exhaust cover RFQ
OHSS-76700-20136-041 s-76 exhaust cover RFQ
OHSS-76700-2006-040C s-76 cover set RFQ
OHSS-76700-2006-040 s-76 cover set RFQ
OHSS-76700-20041-043 s-76 complete assembly set RFQ
OHSS-76700-20026-004 s-76 cowling plugs RFQ
OHSS-76700-20025-004 s-76 t / r plugs RFQ
OHSS-76700-20024-042 s-76 rh inlet cover RFQ
OHSS-76700-20024-042 s-76 rh inlet cover RFQ
OHSS-76700-20024-041 s-76 lh inlet cover RFQ
OHSS-76700-20024-041 s-76 inlet cover RFQ
OHSS-407 M/R blade sock RFQ
OHSS-355A92-5840-02 rh inlet cover RFQ
OHSS-355A92-5840-01 lh inlet cover RFQ
OHSS-355A92-5440-00 exhaust cover RFQ
OHSS-355A92-5000 as355 cover set RFQ
OHSS-212-070-112-002 rh inlet cover RFQ
OHSS-212-070-112-001 lh inlet cover RFQ
OHSS-212-070-111-001 exhaust cover RFQ
OHSS-212-070-013-001 cooler plug lh RFQ
OHSS-212-070-001-003 212 / 412 cover set RFQ
OHSS-206-212-355-S76 pitot covers RFQ
OHSS-206-072-401-003 inlet covers RFQ
OHSS-206-072-400-001 exhaust cover RFQ
OHSS-206-070-955-001 inlet cover RFQ
OHSS-206-070-472-009 206b/l cover set RFQ
OHSS-206-070-467-001 exhaust covers RFQ
OHSS-206-070-034-003 206l cover set RFQ
OHSS-105-83211 exhaust cover RFQ
OHSS-105-83206 inlet cover RFQ
OHSS-105-83106 pitot cover RFQ
OHSS-105-83105 bo105 cover set RFQ
HT-900-NC pulsating fuel nozzle cleaner RFQ
HT-530-WW airframe cleaning wand RFQ
HT-500-CWA series 500 compressor wash system with auxiliary air tank RFQ
HT-500-010P-76 flat free tire set RFQ
HT-3000-CW series 3000 wash system RFQ
HT-300-CW series 300 compressor wash system RFQ
D5344-041 bell medium main rotor tie down - tie down assembly RFQ
D500-745-011 aircraft disabling device kit RFQ
D4593-051 tail rotor pedal lock RFQ
D4571-051 tail rotor pedal lock RFQ
D4571-041 tail rotor pedal lock RFQ
D429-804-011 aircraft disabling device kit RFQ
D4203-041 tail rotor pedal lock RFQ
D412-786-021 hard point kit wire strike and strake compatible RFQ
D412-786-011 hard point kit wire strike compatible RFQ
D412-783-011 gross weight towing cable kit RFQ
D412-738-011 aircraft disabling device kit RFQ
D412-695-011 blade folding kit RFQ
D412-666-011 gross weight towing adapter kit RFQ
D412-594-303 gross weight towing RFQ
D355-740-013 aircraft disabling device kit RFQ
D350-740-011 aircraft disabling device kit RFQ
D350-615-041 ghw modification kit, fits lh or rh RFQ
D3400-041 collective lock as355 RFQ
D3393-041 battery lock RFQ
D3372-041 collective lock as350 RFQ
D3371-041 tail rotor pedal lock RFQ
D3370-041 tail rotor pedal lock RFQ
D3368-041 tail rotor pedal lock RFQ
D212-1024-013 bell medium main rotor tie down - fixed provisions RFQ
D212-1024-011 bell medium main rotor tie down RFQ
D206-739-011 aircraft disabling device kit RFQ
D139-799-015 engine wash kit RFQ
D135-819-011 aircraft disabling device kit RFQ
D109-739-013 aircraft disabling device RFQ
BO105 M/R blade sock RFQ
AS 355 M/R blade sock RFQ
412 M/R blade sock RFQ
214 M/R blade sock RFQ
212 M/R blade sock RFQ
206 M/R blade sock RFQ
13902-1-312 aw139 heavy duty maintenance floor boards & cart RFQ

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