Agustawestland Inc NSN Manufacturer - Part Numbers List

ASAP Aviation Hub, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, offers our clients a streamlined parts purchasing platform. We readily provide Agustawestland Inc parts such as EF266C05-012, S6125 61855 1, EF706-0507C, 99 081590, EF801-077 and NSN 5307013627944, 1560009089363, 5325014923367, 5310142640443, 4730996253284. With a database of over 3 billion new and obsolete parts with civil and defense applications within the aerospace industry. Our clients rely on us to provide high quality NSN parts to meet NSN requirements. We are a trusted FAA AC 0056B accredited and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Additionally, we are a member of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA). Would you like to see a quote? Fill out an Instant RFQ to get started.

Cage Code: U7941, K0058, 1U5W2, A0126

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
EF266C05-012 5307-01-362-7944 stud locked in Avl RFQ
S6125 61855 1 1560-00-908-9363 pivot pin Avl RFQ
EF706-0507C 5325-01-492-3367 insert screw thread Avl RFQ
99 081590 5310-14-264-0443 nut self locking ex Avl RFQ
EF801-077 4730-99-625-3284 clamp hose Avl RFQ
S6165-61584 5360-00-956-0687 spring helical comp Avl RFQ
L22541-030N 5310-14-266-3869 nut self locking ex Avl RFQ
EE065-490-1302 5935-01-466-4526 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065-490-1702 5935-01-466-4530 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065-400-1702T11 5935-01-466-5529 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065-400-1702T 5935-01-466-5531 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
S6137 23052 2 3020-00-012-4287 gear spur Avl RFQ
EE010-092 5935-01-450-9884 connector plug electri Avl RFQ
EF266C10-022 5307-01-414-5445 stud locked in Avl RFQ
EF634-12-75 5315-01-464-1657 pin quick release Avl RFQ
EE802-750 6220-01-455-1934 light indicator Avl RFQ
EE802-744 6220-01-455-1935 light indicator Avl RFQ
EE065-490-1703 5935-01-504-8108 backshell dummy con Avl RFQ
EE065-300-1203T 5935-01-558-8243 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
WD01 68 11151 8 5340-99-122-3556 cap protective dust Avl RFQ
S6140 61634 1560-00-822-3980 boot assembly Avl RFQ
EF603-7 5325-01-506-7051 stud assembly turnl Avl RFQ
EF603-12 5325-01-506-7048 stud assembly turnl Avl RFQ
HSTM70-05 5320-01-366-4238 collar pin rivet Avl RFQ
ZRT35 5325-01-508-5846 ring retaining Avl RFQ
S6140 62139 3 3130-00-936-1194 housing bearing uni Avl RFQ
S6137 23054 1 3020-00-012-4292 gear bevel Avl RFQ
SS45 1A133000 4720-00-857-7034 hose assembly nonme Avl RFQ
601002 12D0362 4720-01-393-3018 hose assembly nonme Avl RFQ
S6135 20762 3 3020-00-010-9929 gear spur Avl RFQ
EA2800V194 001 4720-01-457-7176 hose assembly nonme Avl RFQ
MS29513-115 5331-00-248-3847 o ring Avl RFQ
WG1583 0040 004 1560-01-627-0360 armor supplemental Avl RFQ
S6125 50141 0 1680-00-582-1348 handle actuating em Avl RFQ
MDS0060 40C 5310-14-256-3117 washer flat Avl RFQ
S6170 10077 4 1680-01-007-2967 weight lead Avl RFQ
S6125-50519 9905-01-343-9901 plate instruction Avl RFQ
EE802-717 6220-01-455-1922 light indicator Avl RFQ
EE802-712 6220-01-455-1921 light indicator Avl RFQ
EE802-718 6220-01-455-1923 light indicator Avl RFQ
EE802-788 6240-01-546-3885 lamp assembly Avl RFQ
EE802-406 6220-01-467-2543 lens light Avl RFQ
EE802-414 6220-01-447-4854 lens light Avl RFQ
EE802-404 6220-01-467-2261 lens light Avl RFQ
EE802-785 6210-01-554-8934 lens light Avl RFQ
EE802-778 6210-01-556-2324 lens light Avl RFQ
RMTL430548 6145-01-232-7484 cable radio frequen Avl RFQ
EE204-20 6145-01-466-3670 cable special purpo Avl RFQ
EE215-16 6145-01-346-3913 cable power electri Avl RFQ
EE209-00-22 6145-01-331-9809 wire electrical Avl RFQ
EE208-18 6145-01-111-7709 wire electrical Avl RFQ
EE010-162 5999-01-476-3116 contact electrical Avl RFQ
EE430-11 5975-01-036-7523 mounting base tiedo Avl RFQ
EE260-01-9 5970-01-278-0547 insulation sleeving Avl RFQ
EE260-06 5970-01-278-0548 insulation sleeving Avl RFQ
EE420-04-9 5975-00-727-5153 strap tiedown elect Avl RFQ
S6130 80415 1 4720-00-976-3403 hose assembly metal Avl RFQ
EA2100V448-003 5325-01-559-7638 grommet nonmetallic Avl RFQ
EF801-092 4730-99-795-0295 clamp hose Avl RFQ
80 011 P5D1 0 5325-01-048-6239 insert panel fasten Avl RFQ
EF603H7 5325-00-786-6245 stud assembly turnl Avl RFQ
MDS4371 29 5925-01-441-8987 circuit breaker Avl RFQ
EA5300V032-001 5342-01-485-4738 fairlead block Avl RFQ
EA5300V031-002 5342-01-485-4737 fairlead block Avl RFQ
S6110 26014 5330-00-341-8251 seal main rotor Avl RFQ
EE065 400 1502T09 5935-01-466-6559 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE802 002 5935-01-445-9304 connector modular p Avl RFQ
EE065 400 1302T 5935-01-466-5525 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE066 4A13 5935-01-447-0127 clamp cable electri Avl RFQ
MDS0060-050D 5310-14-250-4984 washer flat Avl RFQ
EE069A9 5935-01-407-9892 clamp cable electri Avl RFQ
EE220 20 5935-01-466-6547 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065 300 1802T14 5935-01-557-2832 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE064 3C24 5935-01-439-7169 clamp cable electri Avl RFQ
EE065 300 1402T08 5935-01-470-4970 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065 300 1202T10 5935-01-466-6549 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
MDS0060-60D 5310-14-250-4986 washer flat Avl RFQ
EE010 028 5935-01-476-0744 connector plug elec Avl RFQ
EE065 400 0903T 5935-01-466-5512 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065 300 1802T 12 5935-01-508-2673 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065 400 2502C19 5935-01-558-5249 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE064 4B25 5935-01-493-8053 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE322L322 5940-01-135-7077 splice conductor Avl RFQ
EE064 3B08 5935-01-465-0946 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065 300 1802T 5935-01-504-8365 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065 400 2502T19 5935-01-558-8245 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
S6165-30113-5 5365-00-620-4117 shim Avl RFQ
EE010 086 5935-01-558-4211 connector plug elec Avl RFQ
S6140 20008 1 3040-00-700-1583 connecting link rig Avl RFQ
EF603-11 5325-01-506-7456 stud assembly turnl Avl RFQ
EF801 047 4730-99-882-1425 clamp hose Avl RFQ
S6135 20864 1 4820-00-965-7773 valve check Avl RFQ
EP482T08 4820-01-475-0649 valve check Avl RFQ
DDS4001P6 46 5306-00-943-5389 bolt shear Avl RFQ
7 38A05 1 5945-99-643-8308 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
S6125 50588 1 4730-00-909-2000 bolt fluid passage Avl RFQ
AN335 8 5310-00-176-8170 nut plain hexagon Avl RFQ
EF817B22 5340-01-406-0295 clamp loop Avl RFQ
EF603W 5310-01-449-2529 washer key Avl RFQ
NK525D832-9 5305-00-637-8836 screw cap socket he Avl RFQ
MDS2404 12 5325-00-141-7951 stud assembly turnl Avl RFQ
A220AH06 5325-00-784-2992 stud assembly Avl RFQ
S6120 61220 24 5330-01-282-9287 seal nonmetallic sp Avl RFQ
S6170 40001 13 5220-00-572-2272 protractor assy rot Avl RFQ
SS1061 192 5340-01-008-9390 bracket angle Avl RFQ
EA126A01 5340-01-481-2113 clamp block Avl RFQ
EF817B34 5340-01-474-8291 clamp loop Avl RFQ
EF811A28 5340-01-464-1642 clamp loop Avl RFQ
EE065 300 2402T14 5935-01-466-6554 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065 400 1102B 5935-01-466-6545 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE066 4C11 5935-01-447-0119 clamp cable electri Avl RFQ
EE065 300 1603T12 5935-01-466-5504 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065 390 0803 5935-01-558-8236 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
S6120-61330-002 1560-00-723-5888 window panel aircra Avl RFQ
EF330-06 5310-01-419-8071 nut self locking pl Avl RFQ
S6130-80080-1 1560-00-700-2640 link platform servi Avl RFQ
S6120-61188-14 1560-00-975-5219 seal nose door Avl RFQ
S6130-80080-3 1560-00-700-2646 link platform servi Avl RFQ
S6120-61327-9 1560-00-972-0922 window panel aircra Avl RFQ
S6120-62618-12 1560-00-065-8099 fitting assembly Avl RFQ
S1650-62185-6 1560-00-328-4861 bracket cargo sling Avl RFQ
S6120-61220-23 1560-00-851-4085 seal window Avl RFQ
S6137-23068-1 1560-00-759-6657 jet assembly gear b Avl RFQ
S6150-62363-000 1560-00-932-5537 fitting assy rescue Avl RFQ
S6140-20009-3 1560-00-793-8039 link assembly Avl RFQ
S6135-20616-043 1615-00-276-7605 cover and liner Avl RFQ
WG1510-5234-004 1560-01-612-4287 latch assembly airc Avl RFQ
HL220-6-10 5320-00-523-2978 pin rivet Avl RFQ
DDS1070 1 9905-99-757-0122 band marker Avl RFQ
S6125-50104-3 1620-01-088-4722 drag link landing g Avl RFQ
EA2500V071-002 1680-01-473-6539 cable emergency rel Avl RFQ
S6105-2222-8 1680-01-450-7928 bracket eye rotatin Avl RFQ
WG1516-0003-003 1680-01-602-1412 harness aircraft sa Avl RFQ
EE182-24 6145-01-420-0622 wire electrical Avl RFQ
EE177-20 6145-01-420-0623 wire electrical Avl RFQ
EU5333B127-101 2510-01-550-6092 cover manhole Avl RFQ
WG1516-0001-005 1680-01-599-1786 seat aircraft Avl RFQ
WG1516-0003-002 1680-01-629-4232 seat aircraft Avl RFQ
S6165-20245 5310-00-700-1606 nut piston attachin Avl RFQ
WG1460-0006-004 1680-01-584-1954 extinguisher fire a Avl RFQ
EF817A34 5340-01-504-1012 clamp loop Avl RFQ
EF801 4730-99-625-3284 clamp hose Avl RFQ
S6165 20598 5310-00-687-7799 nut plain extended Avl RFQ
EF330 04 5310-01-412-3047 nut self locking pl Avl RFQ
EE707 02 5945-01-420-0996 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
MDS0060-50C 5310-14-256-3118 washer flat Avl RFQ
MA2150 5-06 5340-01-414-8298 clamp loop Avl RFQ
EF817A34 5340-01-504-1011 clamp loop Avl RFQ
EF197-4D4 5325-01-557-7573 stud turnlock faste Avl RFQ
NAS1919M04S02 5320-01-097-5471 rivet blind Avl RFQ
MDS0060-30A 5310-14-205-7942 washer flat Avl RFQ
80-013-P3F2-9 5325-00-066-5276 insert panel fasten Avl RFQ
AN96004 5310-00-782-1349 washer flat Avl RFQ
SL40568M8S 5310-01-416-3809 nut self locking ba Avl RFQ
EE375 1A75 5925-01-558-4213 circuit breaker Avl RFQ
EE203 24 6145-01-449-7895 wire electrical Avl RFQ
EF702-0506S 5325-01-416-3812 insert screw thread Avl RFQ
EE176 20 6145-01-420-0621 wire electrical Avl RFQ
EE203 18 6145-01-466-1185 wire electrical Avl RFQ
EE802 429 6220-01-449-5800 light indicator Avl RFQ
EE802 424 6220-01-444-2868 lens light Avl RFQ
EE802 726 6220-01-455-1929 light indicator Avl RFQ
EE802 775 6240-01-484-0215 lamp assembly Avl RFQ
MDS4002B20 5935-01-111-0484 retainer electrical Avl RFQ
EF341-06S 5310-01-420-7458 nut self locking ba Avl RFQ
WG1516-0005-001 1680-01-587-1722 frame seat aircraft Avl RFQ
EE103-01 5340-00-573-6416 hook support Avl RFQ
WG1516-0001-007 1680-01-608-9412 seat aircraft Avl RFQ
42325-298 1680-01-512-1803 cable assembly cont Avl RFQ
91035-2 1680-01-627-9381 chamber safety cart Avl RFQ
EE065 400 1902C17 5935-01-558-5247 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065-400-1502B11 5935-01-466-6555 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
N14-352 3110-15-114-9863 bearing ball annula Avl RFQ
EF605SN 5325-00-141-7957 ejector spring asse Avl RFQ
EE065-400-2102B 5935-01-466-6563 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065-300-1202B10 5935-01-466-6547 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065-300-1602T10 5935-01-466-6550 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065-400-2302C19 5935-01-466-6548 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065-400-2502C17 5935-01-466-6542 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065-400-1902B 5935-01-466-6558 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065-400-2102C 5935-01-466-6544 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065-300-1202C 5935-01-466-6556 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065-400-2502C21 5935-01-466-6543 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065-400-1902T13 5935-01-466-6560 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065-300-2203T14 5935-01-466-6552 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065-300-1803T10 5935-01-466-6553 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
EE065-400-1903T17 5935-01-466-6562 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
2263-500 2915-01-352-2173 filter element flui Avl RFQ
WG1451-0055-001 2925-01-564-3847 starter generator e Avl RFQ
EF605-7 5325-01-443-9693 stud assembly turnl Avl RFQ
EF702-0506A 5325-01-407-4141 insert screw thread Avl RFQ
EF603R 5325-01-441-8927 receptacle turnlock Avl RFQ
S6135-20682-2 3020-00-012-6025 gear spur Avl RFQ
S1635-61128 3020-00-575-6410 pulley groove Avl RFQ
EF603-6 5325-01-449-2527 stud assembly turnl Avl RFQ
S6140-62134-12 3040-00-794-8248 connecting link rig Avl RFQ
S6135-20625-4 3040-00-457-0716 gearshaft bevel Avl RFQ
S6120-62132-5 3040-01-269-8916 connecting link rig Avl RFQ
S6165-63107 3040-00-700-3852 cam control Avl RFQ
S6135-20649-1 3120-00-054-7120 bearing sleeve Avl RFQ

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