Forsvarets Materielverk NSN Manufacturer - Part Numbers List

ASAP Aviation Hub, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, offers our clients a streamlined parts purchasing platform. We readily provide Forsvarets Materielverk parts such as F3087-000362, F4904-000068, F2619-000739, M1606-806802, M2303-164210 and NSN 3120004121852, 2940004057377, 2815004571615, 3030005290391, 2640002402061. With a database of over 3 billion new and obsolete parts with civil and defense applications within the aerospace industry. Our clients rely on us to provide high quality NSN parts to meet NSN requirements. We are a trusted FAA AC 0056B accredited and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Additionally, we are a member of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA). Would you like to see a quote? Fill out an Instant RFQ to get started.

Cage Code: SZ003, N0753, N0049

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
F3087-000362 3120-00-412-1852 bearing sleeve Avl RFQ
F4904-000068 2940-00-405-7377 filter element flui Avl RFQ
F2619-000739 2815-00-457-1615 screw adjusting val Avl RFQ
M1606-806802 3030-00-529-0391 belt v Avl RFQ
M2303-164210 2640-00-240-2061 valve core Avl RFQ
F2619-000736 2910-01-021-1845 pump engine priming Avl RFQ
F6400-073546 2530-01-176-1418 disk brake shoe Avl RFQ
F3850-004881 3120-01-176-6491 bearing sleeve Avl RFQ
F3850-005777 2530-01-166-1966 parts kit wheel Avl RFQ
F3850-004861 2510-01-167-2021 torsion bar suspens Avl RFQ
F3850-006211 2530-01-161-7659 idler wheel Avl RFQ
F3618-000062 2530-01-168-7880 brake assembly Avl RFQ
F3850-005775 2530-01-168-7885 parts kit steering Avl RFQ
F3850-005776 2530-01-168-7886 parts kit steering Avl RFQ
M1610-620440 3110-01-168-7887 bearing ball annula Avl RFQ
F3850-004880 3020-01-163-4970 sprocket wheel Avl RFQ
F3850-005089 2540-01-163-4993 blade windshield wi Avl RFQ
M1609-013006 3120-01-163-5039 bearing plain self Avl RFQ
F3850-004951 2540-01-163-5110 bumper vehicular Avl RFQ
F3213-000008 2520-01-165-4657 universal joint veh Avl RFQ
F6916-000279 2540-01-165-6785 pump liquid Avl RFQ
F3810-001499 3040-01-304-8060 cylinder assembly a Avl RFQ
F3850-008141 3120-01-304-9343 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
F3213-000021 2520-01-305-0044 universal joint veh Avl RFQ
F3850-008101 2540-01-305-2398 mirror head vehicul Avl RFQ
F3321-000083 2940-01-217-4967 filter fluid Avl RFQ
F7051-542591 2930-01-303-0057 cap filler opening Avl RFQ
F4630-006194 3030-01-303-0066 belt positive drive Avl RFQ
F2619-000745 2540-01-298-9386 blade windshield wi Avl RFQ
M2311-809410 2910-01-463-6092 filter fluid Avl RFQ
F4130-000656 2930-01-398-3052 cap filler opening Avl RFQ
M2311-789710 2940-01-383-6886 filter element flui Avl RFQ
M1610-620340 3110-00-108-9247 bearing ball annula Avl RFQ
F9293-000778 2590-01-496-0087 repair kit Avl RFQ
M1606-860410 3030-01-479-5467 belt v Avl RFQ
M1610-601240 3110-00-107-7580 bearing ball annula Avl RFQ
F9767-000018 2590-01-572-2650 kit repair bag od Avl RFQ
F3850-004867 5306-99-763-5314 bolt shoulder Avl RFQ
22MMN327 5325-12-142-6378 grommet nonmetallic Avl RFQ
F2350-005608 2910-12-306-7189 pump fuel electrica Avl RFQ
M2811-803210 2920-12-339-8571 glow plug Avl RFQ
M1028-056010 4720-12-173-8647 tubing nonmetallic Avl RFQ
M2731-503010 6240-12-165-6793 lamp incandescent Avl RFQ
6MMN327 5325-12-142-6504 grommet nonmetallic Avl RFQ
F4618-000075 4720-12-316-0259 hose preformed Avl RFQ
F3850-004756 5315-99-763-4944 pin straight headed Avl RFQ
M2481-440145 5945-12-304-1535 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
F3850-005545 2530-01-165-6981 wheel solid rubber tir Avl RFQ
M2811-803610 2920-12-366-9266 glow plug Avl RFQ
F2619-000767 5330-00-585-4284 gasket Avl RFQ
F2619-000800 5310-00-919-2244 nut plain square Avl RFQ
F2619-000799 5306-01-127-2744 bolt shoulder Avl RFQ
M1105-112401 5315-01-168-1500 pin straight headed Avl RFQ
F3850-005053 5306-01-168-4160 bolt machine Avl RFQ
F3850-004836 5365-01-168-4183 rubber bushing Avl RFQ
M1683-880110 5340-01-168-4199 handle bow Avl RFQ
F3850-005772 5330-01-168-7882 gasket set Avl RFQ
M1108-811815 5315-01-166-2068 pin cotter Avl RFQ
F3850-005537 5310-01-166-2127 washer flat Avl RFQ
F3790-000026 5310-01-175-5544 nut plain hexagon Avl RFQ
TF4-85240 5315-01-181-9468 pin straight headed Avl RFQ
FSD137-15X3 5365-01-181-9470 ring connecting rou Avl RFQ
TD2-39683G 5315-01-181-9497 pin shoulder headle Avl RFQ
F3790-000025 5310-01-166-5293 nut plain hexagon Avl RFQ
M1501-279841 5365-01-166-5297 plug machine thread Avl RFQ
F3850-005050 5310-01-166-5307 washer flat Avl RFQ
M1410-111493 5305-01-166-5315 screw cap socket he Avl RFQ
F3850-005448 5325-01-167-0784 ring retaining Avl RFQ
F3850-005449 5325-01-167-0785 ring retaining Avl RFQ
F3850-005052 5310-01-167-0792 washer flat Avl RFQ
F3850-005439 5310-01-179-4298 washer shouldered a Avl RFQ
M1410-126380 5306-01-174-7603 bolt internal wrenc Avl RFQ
M1410-126327 5306-01-174-7606 bolt internal wrenc Avl RFQ
F3850-004870 5307-01-163-1409 stud shouldered Avl RFQ
F3850-004874 5365-01-163-5037 spacer sleeve Avl RFQ
F3850-004872 5340-01-163-5049 cap protective dust Avl RFQ
F3790-000024 5310-01-184-1909 nut plain hexagon Avl RFQ
F3850-006493 5365-01-214-4990 spacer ring Avl RFQ
F3850-007418 5365-01-222-6587 spacer sleeve Avl RFQ
F1053-022020 5365-01-167-1948 spacer sleeve Avl RFQ
F3850-005502 5340-01-176-1394 strap webbing Avl RFQ
F6963-000001 5331-01-173-0156 o ring Avl RFQ
F3850-009074 5306-01-301-3879 bolt shoulder Avl RFQ
F4630-006147 5330-01-301-5025 gasket Avl RFQ
F3850-004839 5325-01-301-5189 grommet nonmetallic Avl RFQ
F2619-000798 5306-01-346-0224 bolt machine Avl RFQ
M1108-141207 5315-01-311-1558 pin hollow Avl RFQ
M1676-401010 5342-01-165-4534 tongue latch Avl RFQ
M1170-112191 5310-01-165-4740 washer flat Avl RFQ
M1170-112156 5310-01-165-4746 washer flat Avl RFQ
F3850-008949 5365-01-303-9850 bushing machine thr Avl RFQ
F4630-006172 5330-01-361-7018 parts kit seal repl Avl RFQ
M1170-112186 5310-01-261-2716 washer flat Avl RFQ
F9293-000774 5330-01-491-8802 seal plain encased Avl RFQ
M1490-117128 5310-01-415-4546 nut self locking si Avl RFQ
F9767-000033 5325-01-551-0652 fastener snap Avl RFQ
M1406-449110 5306-01-531-7052 bolt machine Avl RFQ
F9767-000030 5315-01-533-3956 pin straight headed Avl RFQ
F9767-000029 5315-01-533-3959 pin straight headed Avl RFQ
F9767-000028 5315-01-533-3961 pin straight headed Avl RFQ
F9767-000036 5315-01-533-3963 pin cotter Avl RFQ
M1538-196010 5331-01-532-9187 o ring Avl RFQ
M1536-814010 5330-01-532-9609 seal plain encased Avl RFQ
F9676-000044 5330-01-532-9866 gasket Avl RFQ
F3510-005755 5330-01-508-1915 gasket Avl RFQ
M1406-449113 5306-01-554-6704 bolt machine Avl RFQ
M1501-832210 4730-01-168-1443 plug pipe Avl RFQ
M2671-011030 6135-00-826-4798 battery nonrecharge Avl RFQ
M1027-120662 4720-01-168-7907 hose nonmetallic Avl RFQ
M1027-118121 4720-01-168-7908 hose nonmetallic Avl RFQ
M1762-011346 4730-01-163-4959 fitting lubrication Avl RFQ
M2671-002050 6135-00-835-7210 battery nonrecharge Avl RFQ
F2046-000037 4730-00-939-5533 coupling half quick Avl RFQ
M2671-001150 6135-00-985-7846 battery nonrecharge Avl RFQ
M2731-933088 6240-00-143-3173 lamp incandescent Avl RFQ
M1027-501003 4720-01-165-4819 hose nonmetallic Avl RFQ
F3850-012915 4720-01-166-5319 hose assembly nonme Avl RFQ
M1027-120691 4720-01-170-6784 hose nonmetallic Avl RFQ
F3850-008531 4720-01-174-0242 hose assembly hydra Avl RFQ
M1027-501041 4720-01-196-8093 hose assembly nonme Avl RFQ
F3850-008903 4720-01-305-3202 hose assembly nonme Avl RFQ
F7003-000007 6220-01-192-3451 lens light Avl RFQ
F3850-008998 4720-01-302-6324 hose preformed Avl RFQ
F3850-008640 4720-01-303-5720 hose assembly nonme Avl RFQ
M2731-106330 6240-01-172-4602 lamp incandescent Avl RFQ
M2672-165010 6140-01-175-2500 battery storage Avl RFQ
F1054-037250 5220-01-167-1786 gage spacer Avl RFQ
M1150-484030 4730-01-167-1880 coupling hose Avl RFQ
M2645-751010 6115-01-184-7432 generator alternati Avl RFQ
M2740-743010 6230-01-291-7531 flashlight Avl RFQ
M2740-990219 6210-01-413-7639 lens light Avl RFQ
M1938-990229 6210-01-454-1090 lens light Avl RFQ
F3850-012892 6220-01-318-0891 lens light Avl RFQ
M1814-042602 6150-01-502-1612 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
F9830-000003 4720-01-576-3000 sleeve reinforcing Avl RFQ
M1027-980720 4720-01-576-3101 hose assembly air d Avl RFQ
M2767-718010 6220-01-575-9568 light blackout Avl RFQ
M2623-018022 6105-01-576-4830 motor alternating c Avl RFQ
M2483-320016 6110-01-576-4855 contactor magnetic Avl RFQ
M2736-212143 6240-01-523-2050 lamp fluorescent Avl RFQ
M2800-769010 6110-01-541-9762 protector thermal o Avl RFQ
M2745-260018 6220-01-550-3973 lens set light Avl RFQ
M2747-164010 6220-01-557-5668 light utility vehic Avl RFQ
M2745-321010 6220-01-557-5962 headlight Avl RFQ
F1560-000659 6230-01-564-1806 light extension Avl RFQ
M1812-487530 6150-01-493-6272 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
M2400-304511 5905-00-138-7399 resistor fixed film Avl RFQ
M2480-842504 5930-00-412-3990 switch toggle Avl RFQ
M1834-106010 5935-00-549-2646 connector receptacl Avl RFQ
M1150-501810 5935-00-223-0572 clamp cable electri Avl RFQ
M2480-841734 5930-00-655-4241 switch toggle Avl RFQ
M2480-842754 5930-00-655-4245 switch toggle Avl RFQ
M1830-976201 5935-00-847-0568 connector receptacl Avl RFQ
F2679-000001 5910-00-887-4022 capacitor fixed mic Avl RFQ
M2480-844902 5930-00-856-1653 switch toggle Avl RFQ
M1502-818110 5930-00-800-5770 boot dust and moist Avl RFQ
F2619-000768 5930-00-715-1939 key switch Avl RFQ
M1837-840440 5920-01-107-6613 fuseholder extracto Avl RFQ
M1821-840106 5940-01-165-4617 terminal lug Avl RFQ
M2481-900016 5935-01-115-1961 socket plug in elec Avl RFQ
M1821-840115 5940-01-167-1834 terminal lug Avl RFQ
M2486-842681 5920-01-433-3097 fuse inclosed link Avl RFQ
M1830-841303 5935-01-358-5989 connector body rece Avl RFQ
M1821-841094 5940-01-385-8006 terminal lug Avl RFQ
M1830-796406 5935-01-201-1452 connector receptacl Avl RFQ
M2962-137010 5930-01-354-2588 switch thermostatic Avl RFQ
M2481-440172 5945-01-438-0598 relay assembly Avl RFQ
M1821-841095 5940-01-330-6155 terminal lug Avl RFQ
M2944-387310 5930-01-493-8114 switch pressure Avl RFQ
M2601-011010 5945-01-533-3934 solenoid electrical Avl RFQ
M2944-387110 5930-01-576-2251 switch pressure Avl RFQ
M2486-843293 5920-01-544-6382 fuse inclosed link Avl RFQ
M2421-855016 5910-01-578-5967 capacitor fixed cer Avl RFQ
M2480-845647 5930-01-614-6836 switch assembly Avl RFQ
F7521-000002 5945-01-430-3506 solenoid electrical Avl RFQ
M7081-500010 5925-01-608-0530 circuit breaker Avl RFQ
M1521-077091 5330-12-156-4512 gasket Avl RFQ
F9376-000037 3120-01-535-7307 bearing sleeve Avl RFQ
M1610-600740 3110-00-107-7575 bearing ball annula Avl RFQ
M1538-199010 5331-01-532-9555 o ring Avl RFQ
F4321-000713 2530-01-166-2122 cylinder assembly h Avl RFQ
F4823-000377 2530-01-166-2150 gasket set dashpot Avl RFQ
M1537-600210 5331-01-167-0775 o ring Avl RFQ
M1537-817090 5330-01-064-7416 seal Avl RFQ
F3850-004867 5306-01-163-1386 bolt shoulder Avl RFQ
F9676-000016 5330-01-533-0891 gasket Avl RFQ
M1536-845132 5331-01-163-4973 o ring Avl RFQ
F3850-004854 5310-01-168-7879 nut Avl RFQ
F3850-005773 5330-01-168-7883 gasket set Avl RFQ
F2619-000779 5315-01-067-6880 pin Avl RFQ
M2311-809610 2910-00-989-3388 filter element flui Avl RFQ
F3810-001237 2530-01-166-2151 parts kit steering Avl RFQ
F3850-006492 5365-21-899-4899 spacer Avl RFQ
F3850-006146 3040-01-168-1464 shaft shouldered Avl RFQ
F3850-004750 2530-01-168-1468 disc brake Avl RFQ
F3850-008133 2540-01-163-1433 belt vehicular safe Avl RFQ
F3850-008942 2590-01-301-9985 control assembly pu Avl RFQ
M2620-753010 2920-00-483-5127 starter engine elec Avl RFQ
F7050-466634 2940-00-029-0388 filter element flui Avl RFQ
M1821-840387 5940-00-113-8184 terminal lug Avl RFQ

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