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ASAP Aviation Hub, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, offers our clients a streamlined parts purchasing platform. We readily provide Sandoz Inc parts such as NDC00078-0234-15, NDC61314-0447-05, NDC00781-1329-01, NDC00185-0214-01, NDC00781-1789-01 and NSN 6505013899228, 6505013311551, 6505013366197, 6505012370545, 6505012963179. With a database of over 3 billion new and obsolete parts with civil and defense applications within the aerospace industry. Our clients rely on us to provide high quality NSN parts to meet NSN requirements. We are a trusted FAA AC 0056B accredited and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Additionally, we are a member of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA). Would you like to see a quote? Fill out an Instant RFQ to get started.

Cage Code: 24442, B6298, 04549, FB0D1, 0THL4

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
NDC00078-0234-15 6505-01-389-9228 fluvastatin sodium cap Avl RFQ
NDC61314-0447-05 6505-01-331-1551 metipranolol hydrochlo Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1329-01 6505-01-336-6197 alprazolam tablets usp Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0214-01 6505-01-237-0545 enalapril maleate tabl Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1789-01 6505-01-296-3179 diclofenac sodium tabl Avl RFQ
NDC00781-7230-27 6505-00-148-6969 desonide cream Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1624-13 6505-00-132-0056 thioridazine hydroc Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0019-10 6505-00-943-7159 desipramine hydroch Avl RFQ
NDC00781-6136-94 6505-00-890-2172 penicillin g potass Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2631-01 6505-00-926-4773 nortriptyline hydro Avl RFQ
NDC00781-5325-31 6505-01-083-0900 bromocriptine mesyl Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1008-01 6505-01-196-5402 triamterene and hyd Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0118-01 6505-01-197-4180 labetalol hydrochlo Avl RFQ
372446 6505-01-370-8742 cefazolin sodium us Avl RFQ
NDC00781-3099-95 6505-01-259-1745 oxacillin for injec Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0801-30 6505-01-362-6259 rifampin capsules u Avl RFQ
NDC00781-3125-95 6505-01-307-8498 nafcillin for injec Avl RFQ
NDC00781-6157-46 6505-01-522-9692 amoxicillin for ora Avl RFQ
CETIRIZINE BEXAL 10M 6505-01-564-0141 cetirizine hydrochl Avl RFQ
NDC00168 0004 80 6505-00-604-1225 triamcinolone aceto Avl RFQ
NDC00781 2201 01 6505-01-147-9462 temazepam capsules Avl RFQ
RANITIDINE SANDOZ 60 6505-01-160-7702 ranitidine tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1397-01 6505-01-037-3145 haloperidol tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2507-01 6505-01-139-2737 piroxicam capsules Avl RFQ
NDC00168-0056-15 6505-01-034-3651 betamethasone dipro Avl RFQ
NDC00078-0033-02 6505-01-140-2707 ergotamine tartrate Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1223-10 6505-01-071-6557 metoprolol tartrate Avl RFQ
NDC00185-4346-10 6505-00-728-2011 quinidine sulfate t Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1565-13 6505-01-012-7557 isosorbide dinitrat Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1818-01 6505-00-604-1220 furosemide tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2703-01 6505-01-113-8344 meclofenamate sodiu Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1392-10 6505-01-142-9876 nifedipine capsules Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1407-01 6505-00-889-5790 hydroxychloroquine Avl RFQ
NDC00781-7404-89 6505-01-269-5637 ampicillin sodium u Avl RFQ
NDC00781-5022-07 6505-01-131-5619 methylprednisolone Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0146-01 6505-01-377-1644 nabumetone tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2823-01 6505-01-397-4313 fluoxetine capsules Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1287-01 6505-01-296-3174 diclofenac sodium t Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1831-20 6505-01-431-0403 amoxicillin and cla Avl RFQ
NDC00781-5077-01 6505-01-377-1432 loratadine tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0649-01 6505-00-116-8350 diphenhydramine hyd Avl RFQ
NDC00781-7242-55 6505-01-656-4255 fentanyl transdermal s Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2233-01 6505-01-611-1221 omeprazole extended Avl RFQ
NDC61314-0645-11 6505-01-043-0230 neomycin and polymy Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2822-01 6505-01-434-8831 fluoxetine capsules us Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2273-01 6505-01-651-7329 amlodipine and benazep Avl RFQ
NDC00078-0072-05 6505-01-155-4064 clemastine fumarate ta Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1874-31 6505-01-203-6259 amoxicillin and cla Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1828-10 6505-01-292-8932 captopril tablets u Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1364-13 6505-01-030-6340 propranolol hydrochlor Avl RFQ
NDC00781-6104-46 6505-01-505-5928 amoxicillin and cla Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1285-01 6505-01-297-0629 diclofenac sodium t Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0615-01 6505-01-156-2032 hydroxyzine pamoate Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1604-10 6505-00-050-3078 thioridazine hydroc Avl RFQ
NDC00781-5060-01 6505-01-459-1019 amoxicillin tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00168-0204-37 6505-00-785-4357 lidocaine ointment Avl RFQ
NDC00781-3342-09 6505-01-444-8357 levofloxacin in dex Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1008-05 6505-01-206-5068 triamterene and hyd Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0117-05 6505-01-208-5995 labetalol hydrochlo Avl RFQ
NDC00185-4343-01 6505-00-138-7400 quinidine sulfate t Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2580-05 6505-00-074-4692 chlordiazepoxide hy Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1624-10 6505-00-890-1538 thioridazine hydrochlo Avl RFQ
NDC00781-5720-01 6505-01-257-8457 potassium chloride Avl RFQ
NDC00078-0176-15 6505-01-389-9252 fluvastatin sodium cap Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0230-01 6505-01-224-6143 urinary antiseptic tab Avl RFQ
NDC00781-3208-95 6505-01-219-2760 ceftriaxone sodium Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1391-13 6505-01-214-8768 haloperidol tablets us Avl RFQ
CAFERGOT5SUPPO 6505-01-457-8137 ergotamine tartrate Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2822-01 6505-01-281-7430 fluoxetine capsules Avl RFQ
NDC00781-3206-95 6505-01-227-7028 ceftriaxone sodium Avl RFQ
NDC00781-3129-92 6505-01-279-8277 nafcillin for injec Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0210-01 6505-01-153-3766 methimazole tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00168-0268-15 6505-01-176-9356 betamethasone dipro Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0072-60 6505-01-267-2497 lovastatin tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1220-01 6505-01-176-2543 leucovorin calcium Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2211-10 6505-01-253-0648 prazosin hydrochloride Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2613-05 6505-01-353-5665 amoxicillin capsule Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1884-25 6505-01-387-6417 ranitidine tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0010-01 6505-01-218-7438 labetalol hydrochlo Avl RFQ
NDC00781-8208-85 6505-01-603-5645 ceftriaxone sodium Avl RFQ
NDC00781-5229-10 6505-01-353-3046 atenolol tablets us Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1047-01 6505-01-354-3159 perphenazine tablets u Avl RFQ
NDC00168-0021-31 6505-00-579-9110 bacitracin zinc and Avl RFQ
NDC00185-1125-88 6505-01-329-6495 flutamide capsules usp Avl RFQ
NDC61314-0656-05 6505-01-351-9272 ciprofloxacin hydro Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1447-01 6505-01-103-6335 cimetidine tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2718-01 6505-01-304-1018 nitroglycerin extended Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2718-60 6505-01-304-1017 nitroglycerin extended Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0065-01 6505-01-055-5070 clonazepam tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1830-10 6505-00-584-3277 promethazine hydroc Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0939-98 6505-01-310-3139 cholestyramine for ora Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1883-10 6505-01-335-9163 ranitidine tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00378-1140-01 6505-01-253-2832 buspirone hydrochlorid Avl RFQ
NSC00781-1634-10 6505-00-689-9245 thioridazine hydroc Avl RFQ
NDC00781-5658-15 6505-01-573-5290 drospirenone and et Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0505-01 6505-01-346-9188 benazepril hydrochl Avl RFQ
5201011 6505-01-548-9957 vancomycin hydrochl Avl RFQ
VANCOMYCINE 500MG IV 6505-01-548-9957 vancomycin hydrochl Avl RFQ
3400941884894 6505-01-364-8524 itraconazole capsul Avl RFQ
NDC00168 0162 30 6505-01-661-3098 clobetasol propionate Avl RFQ
NDC00781 2600 01 6505-00-998-5872 clofibrate capsules Avl RFQ
NDC00781 1482 01 6505-01-230-3129 diazepam tablets usp Avl RFQ
1525 534 6505-01-160-7702 ranitidine tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00781 1016 10 6505-01-148-6585 verapamil tablets u Avl RFQ
NDC00781 1830 01 6505-01-364-8557 promethazine hydroc Avl RFQ
NDC00781 1064 01 6505-01-314-6640 bupropion hydrochlo Avl RFQ
NDC00781 7240 55 6505-01-656-4228 fentanyl transdermal s Avl RFQ
NDC00758 0017 01 6505-01-588-4561 phenylephrine hydro Avl RFQ
51L710PC16 2825-00-872-6216 blade set steam tur Avl RFQ
NDC00078 0124 60 6505-01-219-3866 globulin immune for in Avl RFQ
NDC00781 1974 01 6505-01-153-4416 desipramine hydroch Avl RFQ
NDC00168 0015 31 6505-00-926-2095 hydrocortisone crea Avl RFQ
PHENYLEPHRINE HCL 10 6505-01-588-4561 phenylephrine hydro Avl RFQ
NDC00781 1396 13 6505-01-051-4824 haloperidol tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00781 1472 10 6505-01-024-9879 clonidine hydrochlo Avl RFQ
NDC00078 0234 05 6505-01-389-9215 fluvastatin sodium cap Avl RFQ
NDC00781-6203-46 6505-01-356-4844 cefprozil for oral sus Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1149-01 6505-00-782-1107 spironolactone and hyd Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2047-01 6505-01-318-7402 clomipramine hydrochlo Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1478-13 6505-01-189-7085 dipyridamole tablets u Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1262-05 6505-00-074-4702 diphenoxylate hydrochl Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1322-01 6505-01-003-4119 methyldopa tablets usp Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2411-05 6505-01-333-7735 ketoprofen capsules Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2807-01 6505-01-156-1606 flurazepam hydrochlori Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1123-01 6505-01-290-2999 triamterene and hyd Avl RFQ
NDC00781-3124-95 6505-01-302-6664 nafcillin for injec Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1328-01 6505-01-140-3200 alprazolam tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00781-5225-01 6505-01-135-7373 atenolol tablets us Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2202-05 6505-01-116-0482 temazepam capsules Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2803-01 6505-01-086-3398 doxepin hydrochloride Avl RFQ
MDC00781-6135-95 6505-01-445-9244 penicillin g potass Avl RFQ
NDC00378-5010-01 6505-00-812-2049 thiothixene capsules u Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1489-01 6505-01-023-1057 amitriptyline hydro Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1490-01 6505-01-023-1055 amitriptyline hydro Avl RFQ
NDC00185-4350-01 6505-00-132-6904 isoniazid tablets u Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2786-60 6505-01-304-1016 nitroglycerin extended Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0648-10 6505-00-582-4867 diphenhydramine hyd Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1168-01 6505-01-150-8859 pindolol tablets us Avl RFQ
NDC00781-3412-92 6505-01-269-5637 ampicillin sodium u Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1169-01 6505-01-173-2073 pindolol tablets us Avl RFQ
NDC00078-0053-04 6505-01-351-2673 methylergonovine malea Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1077-05 6505-01-196-9501 alprazolam tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0648-01 6505-01-153-3272 diphenhydramine hyd Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1764-10 6505-00-063-5570 imipramine hydrochl Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0205-01 6505-01-126-9270 methimazole tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1077-01 6505-01-140-3199 alprazolam tablets Avl RFQ
3400936729414 6505-01-364-8524 itraconazole capsul Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0720-60 6505-01-137-4629 indomethacin extend Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1407-97 6505-00-889-5790 hydroxychloroquine Avl RFQ
NDC00168-0046-31 6505-00-299-9535 dibucaine ointment Avl RFQ
NDC00781-3059-95 6505-00-531-7761 digoxin injection u Avl RFQ
NDC00781-7241-55 6505-01-655-8561 fentanyl transdermal s Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1393-10 6505-00-876-7239 haloperidol tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1890-10 6505-00-764-9014 dipyridamole tablet Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1034-13 6505-01-375-8515 trifluoperazine hydroc Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0053-01 6505-01-346-9189 benazepril hydrochl Avl RFQ
NDC00168-0062-31 6505-00-150-1990 zinc oxide ointment Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2201-05 6505-01-116-0481 temazepam capsules Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2051-01 6505-01-281-2852 terazosin hydrochlo Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1437-05 6505-00-764-4322 fluphenazine hydroc Avl RFQ
NDC00781-3094-92 6505-01-312-0907 oxacillin for injec Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0122-01 6505-01-352-3884 nitrofurantoin exte Avl RFQ
NDC66758-0208-54 6505-01-456-2380 scopolamine transde Avl RFQ
NDC61314-0547-01 6505-01-440-7641 latanoprost solutio Avl RFQ
NDC00781-6605-16 6505-00-067-4551 chloral hydrate syr Avl RFQ
NDC00781-4045-02 6505-00-062-4842 trifluoperazine hyd Avl RFQ
NDC00281-0326-08 6505-01-482-8822 nitroglycerin ointm Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1487-01 6505-00-082-2659 amitriptyline hydro Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1488-10 6505-00-947-1898 amitriptyline hydro Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1556-10 6505-01-010-3197 isosorbide dinitrat Avl RFQ
NDC61314-0647-35 6505-01-318-1529 tobramycin and dexa Avl RFQ
NDC00781-7167-83 6505-01-660-0483 estradiol transdermal Avl RFQ
NDC54643-5649-01 6505-01-658-4941 multivitamin soluti Avl RFQ
NDC00781-5187-10 6505-01-153-3338 levothyroxine sodiu Avl RFQ
NDC00781-7244-55 6505-01-655-9607 fentanyl transdermal s Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1328-13 6505-01-140-3202 alprazolam tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1455-01 6505-01-224-0175 glyburide tablets usp Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1496-68 6505-01-449-1618 azithromycin tablet Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2800-01 6505-00-480-7256 doxepin hydrochlori Avl RFQ
NDC00781-3413-92 6505-01-301-2669 ampicillin sodium usp Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1036-10 6505-00-022-1343 trifluoperazine hyd Avl RFQ
NDC66758-0190-01 6505-01-257-8457 potassium chloride Avl RFQ
NDC00781-2534-01 6505-01-023-8714 cephradine capsules Avl RFQ
NDC00185-4346-01 6505-00-163-4593 quinidine sulfate t Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1404-01 6505-01-057-9846 lorazepam tablets u Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0704-01 6505-01-384-5864 bisoprolol fumarate Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0820-01 6505-01-346-9190 benazepril hydrochl Avl RFQ
NDC00781-5388-92 6505-01-548-3901 atorvastatin calciu Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1838-01 6505-01-119-7847 captopril tablets u Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1487-10 6505-00-724-6358 amitriptyline hydro Avl RFQ
NDC00781-7092-61 6505-01-508-6897 calcipotriene solut Avl RFQ
NDC00781-5208-92 6505-01-663-3329 valacyclovir hydrochlo Avl RFQ
00781104701 6505-01-354-3159 perphenazine tablets u Avl RFQ
NDC00781-6800-61 6505-01-116-5655 clindamycin phospha Avl RFQ
NDC00781-1966-01 6505-00-062-3336 furosemide tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00185-0134-10 6505-00-290-0022 reserpine tablets u Avl RFQ
NDC00781-3724-46 6505-01-370-8742 cefazolin sodium us Avl RFQ
NDC00781-7077-87 6505-01-366-5847 metronidazole gel Avl RFQ
NDC00781-3182-84 6505-01-457-8620 fomepizole injectio Avl RFQ
NDC00781-5439-01 6505-01-368-2870 cefpodoxime proxeti Avl RFQ

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