Catalog of Airport Lightning Components

Airport Lighting Components

Airport lighting helps pilots and air traffic control (ATC) to identify various areas on the airport grounds.This category encompasses lighting and lighting components necessary for final approach lighting, general airport lighting, runway lighting, taxiway lighting and a multitude of other systems. Lighting can be adjusted as a pilot requires and is controlled by air traffic control (ATC) and/or local flight service stations (FSS). Common components utilized in airport lighting systems include:

Final Approach Runway Occupancy Lighting (FAROS)

Approach lighting helps pilots navigate the aircraft as they prepare to land; they also help notify pilots if a go around is necessary. Glideslope indicators are used to help pilots achieve a stable approach and glide path. Visual approach slope indicators (VASI) and precision approach path indicators (PAPI) are commonly utilized for this purpose.  

General Airport Lighting

All airports have beacon lights installed at various locations. Beacon lights rotate, similar to those used in marine navigation. Beacon lights differ between public use or commercial airports, heliports, and military air bases. Public airports will display a green and white rotating beacon, military air bases are similar but incorporate more white lights, and heliports will display a green, white, and yellow rotating beacon. Towers and other tall obstructions will utilize a red beacon or obstruction light to indicate their location.

Runway Lighting

Runway lighting is used to signal to pilots when it is safe to enter or cross a runway. Runway status light systems, centerline lighting systems (RCLS), runway edge lighting systems (HIRL, MIRL, and LIRL), and runway end identifier lights (REILs) are all common systems utilized in this area.

Taxiway Lighting

Taxiway lighting is utilized to help guide an aircraft through the various paved taxiways at an airport. Taxiway edge lights, clearance bar lights, and runway guard lights are all integrated in most taxiway lighting systems.

At ASAP Aviation Hub, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we are pleased to offer lighting and lighting components from prominent manufacturers: Collins Aerospace, Eaton, Safran, and others.

Part No Description RFQ
SHSMT-1-BL Surface Mount Twist Lock Base RFQ
SHSMA-1-BL Surface Mount Pin Lock Base RFQ
SHA4-018E-GL Soil Open End Anchor 18 inches RFQ
SHA3-018C-GL Soil Closed End Anchor 18 inches RFQ
SHA1-08OE-GL Concrete Open End Anchor 8 inches RFQ
AW2205 Stake Assembly, 1.5? HUB RFQ
AW2202 Stake Assembly, 2? HUB RFQ
AP1935 Baseplate, 1.5? Hub, Painted Steel RFQ
AP1932 Baseplate, 2? Hub, Painted Steel RFQ
AC24242H200303 Base: L868B, Class 1, 24? Deep RFQ
AC21242H200301 Base L-867, Class I, 24? Deep RFQ
AC21242H200301 Base: L867B, Class 1, 24? Deep RFQ
87032 Lens Boot (C2 & C3 fixtures) RFQ
87018 O-Ring RFQ
87017 Isolator RFQ
87016 Lens Gasket RFQ
87015 Lens Boot (N3, W2, W3 fixtures) RFQ
87014 Filter Boot RFQ
87005 Lamp - 40 W, 6.6 A RFQ
87003 Lens, Straight (N3, W2, W3 fixtures) RFQ
823KP-D4-D4 Connector Kit L-823, 8 AWG, 0.32? to 0.43? O.D. RFQ
823KP-D4-D4 Connector Kit - L823, 8 AWG RFQ
60831 Rectangular Floor Flange RFQ
5925 Reducer RFQ
50581-3 LED Driver Assembly, 95-250 VAC input RFQ
50581-2 LED Driver Assembly, 24 VDC input RFQ
50581-1 LED Driver Assembly, 12 VDC input RFQ
50578 LED Power Supply - Arctic/Heater, 6.6A RFQ
50577 LED Power Supply - Non Arctic/No Heater, 6.6A RFQ
50527-Y Globe w/ heater, Yellow, 6.6A RFQ
50527-R Globe w/ heater, Red, 6.6A RFQ
50527-G Globe w/ heater, Green, 6.6A RFQ
50527-B Globe w/ heater, Blue, 6.6A RFQ
50400 Leveling Device RFQ
50398-4 Lead Assembly 30 inch, 6.6A RFQ
50398-3 Lead Assembly 24 inch, 6.6A RFQ
50398-2 Lead Assembly 18 inch, 6.6A RFQ
50398-1 Lead Assembly 14 inch, 6.6A RFQ
50396 Thermal Tape for Housing/Heatsink RFQ
50390 Globe Support Assembly RFQ
50388 Sealing Boot RFQ
50380-Y Globe, Yellow RFQ
50380-R Globe, Red RFQ
50380-G Globe, Green RFQ
50380 Globe, Blue RFQ
50186 Frangible Coupling - Aluminum 1.5 Inch RFQ
50184 Frangible Coupling - Aluminum 2 Inch RFQ
40878-16P 1? EMT Extension (30?) RFQ
40878-15P 1? EMT Extension (24?) RFQ
40878-14P 1? EMT Extension (18?) RFQ
40878-13P 1? EMT Extension (14?) RFQ
33016 Isolation Transformer, 6.6/6.6A - 20/25W RFQ
33016 Isolation Transformer - 20/25W, 6.6/6.6A RFQ
33015 Isolation Transformer, 6.6/6.6A - 10/15W RFQ
33015 Isolation Transformer - 10/15W, 6.6/6.6A RFQ
33003 Isolation Transformer - 65W, 6.6/6.6A RFQ
33001 Isolation Transformer, 6.6/6.6A - 30/45w RFQ
33001 Isolation Transformer - 30/45W, 6.6/6.6 A RFQ
25684-1 Circular Floor Flange RFQ
21508 Ductile Iron Mounting Ring RFQ
21508 Support Ring RFQ
21491 Fresnel Filter - Clear RFQ
21490 Filter - Red RFQ
21488 Bracket - Red Filter RFQ
21487 Bracket - Clear Fresnel RFQ
21487 Bracket - Clear Fresnel Filter RFQ
21486-X (G) Green, (Y) Yellow, (R) Red, (B) Blue RFQ
21486 LED Replacement Assembly (Blue) RFQ
21474 Lamp - 48 W, 6.6 A RFQ
21461 Lamp Bracket Assembly RFQ
21443-3 LED Power Supply - Arctic/Heater RFQ
21443-1 LED Power Supply - Non Arctic/No Heater LED Replacement Assembly RFQ
21443-1 LED Power Supply - Non Arctic/No Heater RFQ
21431 8? Diameter Shallow Base - Aluminum RFQ
21381 Gasket, for use with Shallow Base 21431 RFQ
21366 Lens Replacement Kit, L-852D RFQ
21355 LED Module, L-852C, Yellow RFQ
21355 LED Module, L-852C Yellow RFQ
21354 LED Module, L-852C, Green RFQ
21354 LED Module, L-852C Green RFQ
21346 Mounting Bracket RFQ
21326* Thermoswitch Replacement Kit RFQ
21318 LED Module, L-852D, Yellow RFQ
21318 LED Module, L-852D Yellow RFQ
21317 LED Module, L-852D, Green RFQ
21317 LED Module, L-852D Green RFQ
21306 Bottom Cover Assembly RFQ
21306 Bottom Cover Assembly RFQ
21265 Bottom Cover Assembly RFQ
21257 Inner Lens Boot RFQ
21256 Outer Lens Boot RFQ
21256 Outer Lens Boot RFQ
21255 Inner Lens RFQ
21254 Outer Lens RFQ
21254 Outer Lens RFQ
21238 12? Diameter Shallow Base - Aluminum RFQ
21180 Gasket, Support Ring RFQ
21180 Gasket - Shallow Base RFQ
21180 External Support Ring Gasket RFQ
21169 Lamp - 62 W, 6.6 A RFQ
21140 Gasket - Bottom Cover RFQ
21140 Gasket - Inner Cover RFQ
21133-Y Filter - Yellow, L852C RFQ
21133-Y Filter-Yellow, L852C RFQ
21133-G Filter - Green, L852C RFQ
21133-G Filter-Green, L852C RFQ
21132 Fresnel gasket RFQ
21130-Y Filter - Yellow (wide) RFQ
21130-Y Filter-Yellow, L852D RFQ
21130-TY Fresnel Filter - Yellow RFQ
21130-G Filter - Green (wide) RFQ
21130-G Filter-Green, L852D RFQ
21128 Lamp - 105 W, 6.6 A RFQ
21127 Lamp - 32 W, 6.6 A RFQ
21126-Y Lens Replacement Kit - Yellow RFQ
21126-R Lens Replacement Kit - Red RFQ
21126-G Lens Replacement Kit - Green RFQ
21126-C Lens Replacement Kit - Clear RFQ
21126-C Lens Replacement Kit, L-852C RFQ
21126-C Lens Replacement Kit, L-852G RFQ
21126-C Lens Replacement Kit, Yellow side RFQ
21126-AR Lens Replacement Kit, L-852S RFQ
21126-AR Lens Replacement Kit, Red side RFQ
21124* Gasket - Bottom Cover RFQ
21122 Feed-through Assembly - 1 Lamp, 1 Connector RFQ
21122 Feed Through Assembly - 1 Lamp, 1 Connector RFQ
21122 Feed Through Assy. RFQ
21122 Feed Through Assy. RFQ
21121 Feed-through Assembly - 2 Lamp, 1 Connector RFQ
21116 Lamp - 48 W, 6.6 A RFQ
21116 Lamp - 48W, 6.6A RFQ
21038 Lead Assembly RFQ
20936-** Lamp assembly (45 W) RFQ
20801 Socket Bracket Assembly RFQ
20654-R Filter, Red RFQ
20553 Lamp 45W (6.6A) RFQ
20538 Lamp 185 W RFQ
20538 Lamp 185W RFQ
20512-4 Inner Cover Assembly (120V) w/ Spade Connector RFQ
20512-3 Inner Cover Assembly (120V) w/ L823 Connector RFQ
20512-2 Inner Cover Assembly w/ Spade Connector RFQ
20512-1 Inner Cover Assembly w/ L823 Connector RFQ
20496 Lamp 115 W RFQ
20496 Lamp 115W RFQ
20496 Lamp 115 (6.6A) RFQ
20483-XXX-X-X* Optical Assembly RFQ
20481 Mounting ring RFQ
20462-2 Bottom Cover Assembly RFQ
20405 Socket Assembly (120V) RFQ
20400-2 O-Ring for Inner Cover RFQ
20268 Lamp 200 W RFQ
20268 Lamp 200W RFQ
20266-XXX-XX* Optical Assembly: 1 Lead RFQ
20261-XXX-XX* Optical Assembly: 2 Leads RFQ
20257 Bottom Cover Assembly (1 Lead) RFQ
20253 Bottom Cover Assembly (2 Leads) RFQ
20183 Mounting Ring RFQ
20148 Reflector RFQ
20073-Y Filter Assembly, Yellow RFQ
20073-Y Filter Assembly - Yellow RFQ
20073-R Filter Assembly - Red DICHROIC RFQ
20073-G Filter Assembly - Green DICHROIC RFQ
20073-BR Filter Assembly, Red RFQ
20073-BG Filter Assembly, Green RFQ
19900-XX Optical Assembly (Add Colors) RFQ
19899 Housing/Lens Assembly RFQ
19848 Screw - High-Strength Mounting Blk. Oxide RFQ
19695 O-Ring - Optical Assembly RFQ
19694 Socket Assembly RFQ
19484-** Lamp assembly (65 W) RFQ
19463 Filter Spring RFQ
19412-(COLOR) Lens RFQ
19313-3 Lead Assembly RFQ
19241 Gasket RFQ
19096 Socket Holder RFQ
19095-1 Socket RFQ
19095-1 Socket Assembly (6.6A) RFQ
19095 Socket RFQ
18448 Sleeve - Waterproofing RFQ
11A11-031D Lock Washer RFQ
10047-612 Lamp 40W (120V) RFQ
10047-409 Film Disc Cutout RFQ
10047-2962 Power Supply, 95-250VAC, for Option 4 RFQ
10047-2950 Power Supply, 24 VDC, for Option 3 RFQ
10047-2949 Power Supply, 12 VDC, for Option 2 RFQ
10047-2888 45W Lamp, 6.6A RFQ
10047-2154 Heat Shrink Kit - 1 Piece RFQ
10047-1425 Heat Shrink Kit - 2 Piece RFQ
10037-883 Stainless Steel Band RFQ
10035-63-230 O-Ring Seal RFQ
10035-62 3/32? O-Ring, 6.25? I.D. RFQ
10035-62 3/32? O-Ring, 6.25? I.D. RFQ
10035-62 O-Ring - Bottom Cover RFQ
10035-62* O-Ring - Bottom Cover RFQ
10035-33-345 O-Ring for Lens RFQ
10035-33-274 O-Ring, Inner Cover RFQ
10035-33-274 O-Ring RFQ
10035-33-273 O-Ring - Bottom Cover RFQ
10035-33-010 O-Ring RFQ
10000-365M Bolt RFQ

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